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Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Your pizza dough calculator for Neapolitan style hand shaped pizza.

The recipe will adjust depending on how many pizza you plan to make, and how much gram dough per piece. For a ⌀~25-30cm/10-12" pizza I typically use 250g.

After you put the dough in the fridge you can leave it there for a few days. Taste is getting better after 1 day, 1-3 days is the optimum. I had some dough for 6 days and it was fine.

Change the blue numbers to your liking!
How many pizza you want?
Size per (typically 200-300g)
Flour in bakers math is always 100%
Water (typically 60%)
Salt (typically 2%)
Oil (optional) (typically 0-5%)
Yeast (typically 0.05% dry yeast)

New to hand shaping? Think it’s difficult? Well, it’s easy with a very relaxed dough. And following that recipe and method it will be relaxed. Bake-with-Jack Jack has a nice video about the different techniques you can use:

Or why not make some more dough than you need and freeze them? Jack also explains how this is done:

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